"I found the attention Nancy and Geeta gave my manuscript extremely helpful. Just as enlightening were their general advice, experience, and tips shared after hours. The road to a published novel is long, filled with ruts and holes, and dark. A flash of insight thrown here, there, at your feet, and in the sky, can shorten that journey considerably."  -- Margaret Verble, 2016 Putlizer Prize finalist for Maud's Line.


“The Kenyon Review Novel Workshop stands out from other writing workshops because the sessions are highly structured and participants receive individualized attention from hardworking faculty who are both excellent writers/editors and skilled teachers. The Kenyon Review Novel Workshop helped me transform a tangle of narrative strands into a powerful story.”


“The 2015 Kenyon Review Novel Workshop was a deal-changer for me as a writer. I have attended writing conferences and graduate level workshops. This novel workshop was not like any of those workshops. Instead of getting critiques on only a few pages of my manuscript from other aspiring writers, I received feedback from several highly competent professionals. The plot structure of my entire novel was broken down and rebuilt to be stronger. The workshop was worth every dime, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting their novel-in-progress to the point of being publication-ready.” -- Tonja Reynolds

(comments reflect our previous incarnation as the Kenyon Review Novel Workshop)

"The Kenyon Review's Novelists' Workshop is an intimate, intense, immersion into writing style and technique.  As an aspiring writer, you'll be amazed to discover the degree to which you don't know what you don't know!  You'll emerge from this experience, having your work positively, constructively and respectfully dissected.  Its strengths and weaknesses will be shown, and you'll have a sense of the direction necessary to become successful." Pierce Scranton, Jr.